Why People Are Homophobic

There are a lot of people in this world who are still against same-sex couples.

Most people find themselves sitting here thinking, why?

The main reason that people have such a hard time accepting it is simple, they were raised to think that it is wrong.

When we are born we only have two natural fears, of loud noises and falling, everything else is something that we learn from culture or people that we look up to.

With that being said, racism, homophobia, sexism are all things that we learn through the views of others; whether that be our parents, idols, or television.

I think that one of the biggest reasons that people are so against gay couples is because of preconceived notions that cause them to think negatively about gay people compared to straight people.

For example, many uninformed people today still think that sex toys are wrong in general – and because they assume that gay people are the primary users of sex toys, they also think that gay people by associate are “wrong” as well.

However, the truth of the matter is that sex toys are very common among people of all sexualities, especially women.

In fact, there are plenty of great reasons to own sex toys, for not only women but for everyone in general – straight or gay.

But because people are uninformed and make assumptions, it leads them down a path that causes them to look down upon gay people for one reason or another.

And the use of sex toys is just one example.

Think about how people view HIV and AIDS and associate it with gay people!

Curiosity killed the cat, this is true but, it is always a better idea to ask about something you do not understand, even if you have to ask a hundred people before you are able to fully understand something.

It is hard to judge someone when you know that there are no mistakes in this world and everything happens for a reason.

Some people find it against culture or religion, which is understandable since that is how you were raised but, every day is a new day to wake up with your own thoughts, your own feelings.

It is important to make sure that you are making every decision for yourself and not other people.

Think about it, what does spreading hate cause?

More hate.

Even if you are not sure about something, spreading hate around it out of fear or misunderstanding is never a good road to travel down.

If you are someone who is interested in learning more about a different sexual orientation, there are many sites online that you can visit that show many sides to every story, depending on which one you are having questions regarding.

So many people are under the assumption that the world is black and white when it comes to sexual pleasure, whether is in the bedroom or in the relationship of others but, in all reality there are many shades of grey that we are unsure of.

Going with the flow in this department is a sure way to make sure that you never make someone feel bad or guilty about who they choose to love or sleep with.

A good point made by many people is, if it is not personally affecting my life, then it does not need my opinion or my understanding.

This is a good rule to follow when you find yourself making comments or judgement on other people, friendly conversation is always nice but, when one person starts to become uncomfortable or does not want to be pushed any further that is when you know it is a good time to pull the plug and move on.

It can be hard to understand or wrap your mind around something that does not effect them in a daily manner and that is okay but, it is also important to remember that humans come in many different forms, we are all different for a reason, that reason might be bigger than all of us and respect for each other is the only way that we can all live happily among one another, even if you do not agree or understand, you should always respect others.