The Dangers Of Online Bullying

Judging others or insulting them solely based off of things that make them different than the rest of the population is nothing new, it has gone on for many years before us and it will unfortunately probably always be something that our kind has to deal with.

But, what happens when there is no escape at all?

That is what it feels like when you are being bullying online by your peers, it is utterly terrifying and there is nothing you can do to run away when it is always going off in your pocket, urging you to check to see what is going on.

Back in the day, it was easier to handle someone who was not nice, you simply avoided them and if you could not ignore them, then the two of you fought it out and the next week it was a thing of the past.

That is not the same case for children that are living in the current time period.

In fact, the overall sentiment that online bullying is a serious problem is supported by young Americans themselves.

They are not only bullied on the way to school, at school, on the way home but, now they are even being harassed in the privacy of their own home from video games with live chat, to cell phones, social media, etc.

There whole foundation of enjoyment has been corrupted by the rest of the world, your child could be sitting in Texas right now, just minding there own business scrolling through the endless pictures that they find amusing on Tumblr while they try to fall asleep, when all of the sudden they get a text from someone in China, telling them that they are worthless and the world would be better without them.

Sure, you are thinking to yourself, well, what does it matter what some random person that my child has never met face to face matter what they think of them?

Well, let me be the one to tell you, it means everything.

With the entire worlding changing into more things that involve technology, this means that fame and popularity has changed from being a cheerleader in high school to having millions of followers on social media.

Everything that happens along the currents of the internet is important, not just the children but, teenagers and adults as well.

It is the ticket to being noticed and having hundreds of cute guys and pretty girls message you twenty four seven, to having people think that you are funny, smart and all around amazing; without ever having to leave the comfort of your home to be the biggest thing in the world.

But, this power comes with some bad traits, if you do something or someone starts a rumor about you now days, it is not just between the people that go to school with you, it could reach every end of the world and when something is put online, it never goes away.

This causes a lot of damage to those who are assaulted emotionally through the waves of the internet because it is something that could not only destroy their childhood but, it could follow them around for years and years to come.

Cyber bullying is the worst kind, it is something that not only gives your child a higher chance of being hurt but, it gives a wider range of people to harass them, making it almost impossible to catch a break from the abuse, this leads to a higher chance of suicide when the victim begins to realize that they are ultimately trapped with no way out other to end their life.